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SmartICT offers what no other ICT provider currently does – a single, integrated view of data from all IT assets AND the extraction of value to optimise business.

What does this mean for you?

It means that you will enjoy the benefits of a fully integrated monitoring, alerting, ticketing and automation solution that provides the service desk with complete visibility across your entire ICT estate. This will help you to determine well-defined processes, a clear business strategy, and leadership support.

Turn real time insights into real business value

While data is important, the right data is essential. Increasing amounts of data collected can be overwhelming. Understanding what’s important to your business, and achieving your business goals, helps to evaluate what data counts or should be counted.

Gain a competitive advantage through data analytics and intelligent monitoring 

The benefits of managing your entire IT estate with a single service are far reaching, from increased agility and efficiencies to reducing costs.

A second-by-second holistic view allows for: 
  • The transfer of knowledge from key people into a robust system to improve decision-making and to optimise performance

  • A business culture that embraces accountability through granularity of detail,transparency and visibility across the entire organisation and ICT estate

  • The consistent reduction in downtime, increased visibility and translation of IT metrics into business measurements through the maturity model

What makes AppCentrix SmartICT even smarter?


AppCentrix SmartICT drives ICT maturity as a foundation for innovation, disruption and growth

The AppCentrix SmartICT service combines application performance management with element management products, integrated processes, extensive skills and the benefits of a flexible cloud based platform into one. Essentially, this puts the management and control of all IT assets in your estate and the cloud within ONE service provider to achieve a single view, for increased agility and efficiency.
SmartICT is a solution which: 
  • Enforces monitoring as a discipline throughout the ICT estate

  • Helps to define clear goals and objectives which can be measured against monitoring disciplines

  • Requires no capital investment, no maintenance, no licensing costs

  • Includes the cost of dedicated, highly skilled local resources, state-of-the-art
    technologies and onsite support for monitoring and business analysis
    Improves our clients user and customer experience while also reducing IT costs

  • Reduces Critical System downtime and identifies what processes a specific component will affect

  • Translates ICT metrics and make them business relevant KPI’s

  • Keeps complex systems healthy and business users up and running

  • Compile and measure ROI of projects gauging the success while keeping costs in mind

By instilling Monitoring as a Discipline, SmartICT results in:
  • Improved IT service delivery

  • Total enterprise visibility

  • Governance and compliance standards eg ITIL

  • Fewer and less severe incidents and downtime

  • A reduction in overall ICT spend

  • Commoditisation of IT

  • Change to Improved strategic management information

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